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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Curls, Teeth, and Funny Faces (an update)

It's been awhile since I've updated here! Things have been crazy around the house. Our living room is now the "Kiddie Corral" - we've rearranged the furniture, moved the valuables, and covered up cords with towels. Motherhood has definitely forced me to be a little less anal about how my house looks! Wes is into everything. He army-crawls over to whatever he's not allowed to get into and when you say, "No" he looks back, smiles, and keeps crawling. By the end of the day his knees and elbows are red and he's worn out (he's going to bed pretty easily these days!).
His hair is turning blonder by the day and curls up as soon as he steps outside into the humidity. I love it and am threatening to never cut it!
Everything is "Da. Da. Dada. Da-di." He loves saying Dada and usually reserves it for when Neil comes home from work (usually while wrapping Neil's tie around his head like Rambo).
A funny, but not so charming trait is his new "smile" for the camera. Whenever he hears the "beep-beep" of the camera, he grins with all teeth and closes his eyes. It's hilarious and impossible not to laugh. We'll have to break him of this before Kelly's wedding in August.
He's still not walking without help but he loves to cruise on the furniture. I'm sure once he realizes he can let go, there will be some falls (and some tears), but he'll figure it out quickly.

what a sweet face

the curls

the funny face

1 comment:

Jen said...

Aw, he's just like his mama with those curls! I remember how mad you used to get in middle school when your bangs would curl up in the humidity!