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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wes' first trip to the Symphony!

The NC Symphony played a free concert in Southern Village a few weeks ago, and we all went to enjoy the music. They play outside on the lawn, which happened to be the perfect setting (it wasn't too terribly hot). We found a shady spot, spread out a few sheets, and had a great picnic supper - fried chicken tenders, chicken salad, potato salad, chips, melons...all the great summer stuff. The night was perfect, except for the crazy Chapel Hill people (who were quite possibly transplants from the North)who brought in their loads of crap at the last minute and crowded us, including a full salmon dinner for 10 and a rice cooker (!!). Who brings a rice cooker to a picnic?!
Anyhow, we had lots of fun, and Gina Riess joined us for a little while to enjoy the music. Wes made it through almost the whole concert, but we were only a block away, which made it very convenient when he decided he had had enough.

Wes reading the program

The crowd on the Green

Wes and Neil enjoying the picnic

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