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Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am really power blogging today.
We've been a little behind in the Magnuson household the past few weeks. Wes has been sick for the first time in his almost one year of life.
When I got home from work a week ago, his eyes were oozing snotty looking stuff and I decided then it was time to go to the doctor. He had been running fever (very low grade, never over 100) for a few days, which I attributed to teething. But the eye ooze scared me, so off we went. It turned out that he had a double ear infection.
After a day of getting better, he took a turn for the worse on Saturday night. The oozing was back, along with the crankiness and fever. We went back to the doctor on Monday morning and got a prescription for another antibiotic. It turns out the Amoxocillin was not strong enough to kill the ear infection, and it was worse.
The poor little guy feels much better after a few days of his new antibiotic. Looking back, he had been cranky for about a week before we took him in to the doctor, so I'm sure he's been feeling bad for awhile. It's so hard to know when to take them in to the doctor at this age - on one hand you don't want to be that overprotective anxious mom that's in the doctor's office weekly, but you don't want your baby to hurt, either. It's hard to know!
I stayed home with him on Monday and he was very needy - he wanted to be held during his nap and sometimes he would just cry out to hug me. I'd pick him up and he would just collapse into my arms and love me. It was a great feeling to be able to give him some comfort!
I took a couple pictures of him so we could document his first illness. You can see Mr. Puffy Eyes well, but here's one that's pure Wes so you can tell he doesn't feel that bad.

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JKB said...

Being a mom is hard! Don't you feel like your guessing what to do half the time?! And when your sweet little one isn't feeling well... breaks your heart and it can be difficult to figure out what they need. What is very clear though - from the rest of your posts/photos - is what a wonderful mother you are and how loved Wes is... what a little sweetie!