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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's Play Outside!

Wes loves to be outside.  This time of year, it's perfect.  We are loving our new yard and screened in porch...they make it so easy to enjoy being outside.

Day (Grandaddy) built him this sandbox in our backyard.  I love it because it's under a huge shade tree.  I can sit underneath the tree and watch him play.  Occasionally I get to show him a Grandaddy Long Legs or ant crawling by, and he loves to say hello to them. He'll even introduce himself: "Hi Ant, I'm Wes."

I snapped these pictures of Wes playing in his sandbox this week:

The new sandbox (built by Day):

He loves to lay down in the sand...you can imagine how dirty he gets!

Getting up close and personal with an ant.

Showing me where he is.  "Ant, go see your mommy and daddy!"

Ultimate concentration.

Allie watches from the porch.


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