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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Update.

Another busy month and of course, the blog gets neglected. Sounds like we need an update!

September came and went in a blur. Wes started preschool two days a week, and so far, after the initial tears when I leave, he is loving it. His language is taking off, too...he speaks in sentences now, and tells us, "I need nuggets. I need ice cream." (I have tried to explain to him the difference in want and need...so far he's not too interested.) He also loves to tell Day what he has just done. "Day, I ate cupcake!" "Day, I finished puzzle!"

We are loving every minute. From the hugs and kisses to the "I love you mommy" moments, we take it all in and enjoy it. We are commanded to "dance on the stars" (the rug in his room) and read Max and Ruby "one more time" at bedtime and we do it every time. If it's possible, Wes has actually gotten sweeter as he has reached his terrible twos. :)

Here are some pictures so we can play catch up!

At Meet the Heels at Kenan Stadium:

On the playground at his preschool:

Playing cornhole with Uncle J and Craig:

First day of school:

Walking to the park:

Having fun with cousin Diem:

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