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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aldersgate Preschool

So far all of the Magnusons are LOVING Wes' preschool, Aldersgate. Things are getting better every morning - this morning he didn't cry until they were pulling him out of the car (yes, an improvement).

He has been doing better while he's at school, too...after the few tears in the morning, he's happy to play all day. Last week's weekly email update told us about the kids painting a Carolina blue sky, singing songs, and playing on the playground (Wes is famous for yelling at all the trucks that go by).

He loves his teachers, Ms Julie and Ms Holly, and I do, too. Last week after a particularly bad dropoff morning Julie called and talked to me for about twenty minutes one night - they're so loving and calm with Wes and with me.

After that bad dropoff, Wes had a great day (maybe that was the worst of it and he's over the hump). His teachers took some pictures to show me how much fun he was having...enjoy!


Playtime ~

The lovely Ms. Julie...

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