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Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Nashville Visit.

We had such a fun time in Nashville for a long weekend (Thursday evening until Monday afternoon!). Wes is still an incredible traveler. On the plane ride over, I was clutching Neil's hand and doing a little deep breathing, and Wes was just laid back looking out the window. The rest of the weekend was great. Wes continued to prove that he is the sweetest boy alive. He took right to his other grandparents, and started calling them "Bapa" (Neil called his grandpa Bompa and this is Wes' version) and "Marme" (Bapa, play trucks, too? was heard many times over the course of the weekend.)
And Wes LOVES his cousin Diem. His first word every morning was, "Diem." We heard a lot of "Diem, sit here. Play trucks." Of course, Diem just wanted to take the trucks and run, and he didn't even mind that too much. There were lots of hugs and kisses, and even more chasing and laughing. We laughed about how much fun they are (and how tired we were) and how quiet it used to be in the house.

The plane ride was so much fun.  Wes is the BEST 2 year old flyer in the world.  "Mommy, I like airplanes!!!"

We got right to playing when we got there.
The park was fun...

We also ate a LOT (this is 9 layer dip...)

Wes got his very own pumpkin.  

We played some more (Bompa can make these cups spin!!)

Bompa loves to carry sticks to the park, too!

We tried to take a picture of the two cousins but it didn't quite work out.

The Nashville airport has a great playground!

We can't wait to go back to Nashville and visit at Christmas!!!

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