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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Wes was such a funny guy today. He's picking up words faster than ever and constantly makes me laugh at his interpretations of words. Tonight was Taco Night, and even though Wes had already eaten dinner, when Neil and I made our plates he came in the kitchen and said, "Tato? Tato!" He ate the whole thing (must be a growth spurt coming along).
He seemed to embrace everything with a lot of joy today, and was talking the whole way. He spent most of the day in Neil's green hat (green hat! green hat!) and talked to all of his favorite TV characters (Dora. Boots. Franken (Franklin). Wonner Pets (Wonder Pets).) After the show would end, he'd look at me and say More Pets? More Max? More Franken? (That's usually when the TV gets turned off).
He was very concerned with the Boo-Boo that he picked up yesterday after the pool party. He'd never heard the word Boo-Boo, but Jen's mom used it to describe his skinned knee while she helped me clean it up and put on a band-aid, and it stuck. He spent a lot of time pointing it out and making sure I still knew it was there.
His Boo-Boo hurt in the tub tonight, so I gave him a washcloth to distract him. I had him find different body parts to wash with the washcloth and this turned into a game. Wes, wash your belly! Wes, wash your feet! We went through everything that he knew, and then I said, Wes, where's your elbow? He looked at me so seriously and confused and said, "Elmo?" Neil and I laughed and showed him where his elbow was. Now he proudly points to his elbow and yells, "Elmo!!!!"
What a great day.

Laughing with many wipes he pulled out when I was cleaning the kitchen this morning...

Mr. Mischievous

Working at his table in the green hat...

Talking to Allie in the hallway...

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