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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking Back.

I've been doing a lot of looking back this week as I've been making christmas presents for family. It's hard to believe how much Wes has grown in one year. Our lives have changed so dramatically in the past year, and definitely for the better.

Oh, and our word count is up to four. The new word - BALL. He throws his ball up in the air and says, "BAHHL!" Notice the pattern with the b words?

Here's a look back:












Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Words.

As of this morning Wes is up to three real words.
I'm not counting mama, dada, bye-bye, or baby...although those are all really cute. These are words for things, not just baby repetitive noises.
This morning he pointed to the book he was reading after he woke up, "What's Wrong Little Pookie," and said "Moo." While I think Pookie is actually a pig, he looks like a cow. Any animal that is black or white or looks like a cow gets, "Mooooo." Anytime Wes is at the freezer door when it's opened, he also points to his Ice Cream and says, "MOOOOO!"

Then when I got him out of his crib, he picked up his teddy and said "Bear" (it came out as Beah but I got the point). I said, "Yes, Wes that's your bear! Very good!" and he kept picking it up and saying "Bear" and then laughing hysterically and kicking his legs (he's a happy happy boy).

Finally, his first word and maybe the cutest: Balloon. It comes out as "Boooon. Booooooooon!" He loves the free Harris Teeter balloons and gets one everytime we go shopping. But anytime he sees a balloon anywhere (like the other night when we were out to dinner) he says Boon.

I can't wait for more and more words to start coming from him. Something tells me it's going to get more and more interesting at our house!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Wes was the sickest he'd ever been on Halloween...what a terrible weekend!
He woke up on Halloween morning with a 102 degree fever, so we went directly to the doctor at 7:30 am. Luckily his ears were clear, but he was diagnosed with a sinus infection. We spent the next two days trying to keep his fever down and clearing loads of snot out of his nose. I'm glad to report he's back to normal now and eating more than usual to make up for his lack of appetite for over a week!

We still dressed Wes up on Halloween evening and Ryan and Gina came over for chili and handing out candy. While our festivities were cut short by illness, we still had fun in the days leading up to Halloween.

We carved a pumpkin on Wednesday night.

We went to Fearrington Village on Thursday for their Kids Night - Wes got to pet some goats and see some cool jack-o-lanterns.

Dressed up like a greaser on Halloween

Hopefully next year Wes will be ready for some trick-or-treating!!!

A day in the life...

Wes and I spent the whole day together yesterday while Neil studied, and I decided to take pics of all the fun things we were doing. A "typical" day changes so often - I need to do a better job of recording the little stuff. So, I present a day in the life of 15 month old Wesley.

Blue's Clues with a bottle and Mr. Cow (our morning ritual...this is the absolute best cuddle time and what makes getting up at 6:30 am worthwhile)

Mashed potatoes and turkey for dinner (notice that he's got just as much potato in his hair)

Crying because I took something away (completely normal these days).

Playing with his airplane - I walked over and realized his plane had a random car and one sock inside.

You never know what you're going to get with Wes, but you will always laugh and smile...and feel loved when he gives you a great hug!