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Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Words.

As of this morning Wes is up to three real words.
I'm not counting mama, dada, bye-bye, or baby...although those are all really cute. These are words for things, not just baby repetitive noises.
This morning he pointed to the book he was reading after he woke up, "What's Wrong Little Pookie," and said "Moo." While I think Pookie is actually a pig, he looks like a cow. Any animal that is black or white or looks like a cow gets, "Mooooo." Anytime Wes is at the freezer door when it's opened, he also points to his Ice Cream and says, "MOOOOO!"

Then when I got him out of his crib, he picked up his teddy and said "Bear" (it came out as Beah but I got the point). I said, "Yes, Wes that's your bear! Very good!" and he kept picking it up and saying "Bear" and then laughing hysterically and kicking his legs (he's a happy happy boy).

Finally, his first word and maybe the cutest: Balloon. It comes out as "Boooon. Booooooooon!" He loves the free Harris Teeter balloons and gets one everytime we go shopping. But anytime he sees a balloon anywhere (like the other night when we were out to dinner) he says Boon.

I can't wait for more and more words to start coming from him. Something tells me it's going to get more and more interesting at our house!

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