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Friday, May 9, 2008

a family visit!

We went to Nashville last weekend so Wes could meet the youngest and oldest Magnuson family members!
Neil's grandmother was in town for a visit, and we also got to meet sweet baby Diem. It was wonderful to have everyone in the same room. Wes loved seeing his grandparents, great-grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin! We stayed in a lot, ate great food, played games and just held babies. What a relaxing and fun weekend.

Some pics:

The girls with their babies! (We switched right away. I couldn't believe how light Diem is - 7 pounds - and Tash couldn't believe how heavy Wes is - 20 something)

He loves to stand. (and dad is very proud!)

Wes with his Great-Grandma.

Not looking at the baby...

He's finally interested.

These pics are priceless.

Must. Touch. Her.

A very proud Wes (showing his teeth) with aunt Tash

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