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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Wes is 6 months today! I can't believe it. Six months does not sound like a long time, until you realize it's half of a year, and then it sounds like a long time to me.

Wes loves fruit. We have to always do veggies first because there is no turning back once you give him some fruit. We did a few days of prunes, which as you'll see from the picture are a lovely brown color - well, let's just say they look the same coming out and smell like nothing I've ever smelled before. So we're off prunes for awhile.

He can roll over, he just isn't really interested. If you put him on his tummy, eventually he'll get tired of the view and roll over from his tummy to his back (he always looks at me like I'm crazy when I say, "YAY!" and clap my hands when he does this). He can also roll from his back to his tummy, but usually with a little help from mom.

We go to the doctor for his 6 month checkup on Monday. After that we'll have a weight report!

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