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Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Eat my toes, eat my toes!"

Have you ever noticed that babies are extremely supple?

Well, Wes is starting to notice this about himself. Many months ago, Tina dicovered that the act of touching Wes' feet to his cheeks and mouth made him giggle. She would sing to him as she did this:
"Eat my toes, eat my toes!"

Apparently Wes has caught on. He no longer needs our help to get his toes to his face and into his mouth. This is very convenient, particularly when he can't find his pacifier. This is also not surprising, given that everything goes into his mouth lately.

Of course, with his feet in his mouth, he won't be able sing the song (even after he learns it), so it's nice to know that we'll still be needed for some things, even after he's figured other things out on his own!

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