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Friday, December 4, 2009

Football Saturday in Chapel Hill

A few weeks ago we finally made it up to campus before a UNC football game.  For one reason or another (naps, illness, out-of-town trips) we hadn't been to Tar Heel town before a game this year.

Wes' first trip to UNC for Tar Heel town was when he was only a few weeks old.  He was a tiny little thing and got lots of attention for being the smallest fan there.

the new Magnuson family, September 2007

Last  year we went and he had fun watching the team at the Old Well Walk (he couldn't even walk then!):

this is the same jersey as he has now...look how big it is! September 2008

This year he had a ball.  There were all kinds of things to look at.  Wes LOVED watching the band perform in the Pit.  We ate in Lenior (Chick-Fil-A, of course!) then went to play on campus.

So many leaves to play in on campus!


He wanted to get his picture made with the big shirt, but changed his mind at the last minute! (He is really hightailing it out of there)

We found some big sticks to play with:

After playing in the leaves, we watched the team walk through campus for the Old Well walk.  Again, Wes was mesmerized with the cheerleaders, Rameses, band, and of course, the BIG men walking by.  He held his hand out (with a little help) to get some high fives and he got lots of smiles.  The highlight was when Butch Davis saw Wes, smiled and ruffled his hair.  I think Wes was his good luck charm (we beat Miami)!!  Maybe ol' Butch should have had Wes come to Raleigh for the State game.

After all this fun, the boy was wiped.  I snapped this picture of him walking with Daddy, on the way to drop Day and Daddy off at the Stadium and go home for a nap:

 That's a picture of two happy boys right there.


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