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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Four to Ten!

(clockwise from top left: Sarah Jane (with Hayes), Kim (with Ben and Henry), Me (with Wes), and Holly (with Charlie...Carter was at home)
Before Wesley came along I had the greatest group of girlfriends...Holly lived across the street from us on Fortunes Ridge and I would walk across first thing in the morning, in my pajamas, for pancakes. We would sit on the couch on Sunday afternoons watching Lifetime movies and have dinners together with wine and lasagna.
Neil and I would go over to Kim and Ryan's house for dinner and games. The night usually ended with us in sweatpants (we usually had a pair at each other's houses), drinking wine and watching a movie until very, very late.
Sarah Jane would join us for early morning runs around Woodlake and we always rode to Junior League together (and sometimes skipped out early on the meeting...even sneaking out a few times).
Kids entered the picture soon after and those long leisurely days and nights were a distant memory.
Holly had Carter four years ago, then added Charlie two years later. I had Wes in August, Sarah Jane had Hayes two months later, and then Kim had twins, Ben and Henry, in May.
Holly and Tim moved to Raleigh and Kim and Ryan moved to DC. Thankfully, Sarah Jane is still here (and we see each other quite often) but she'll be moving away this summer, too. It's been WAY too long since we've gotten together, but we have kids that range from 4 to 9 months, and someone has been pregnant or birthing or had a newborn for the past two and a half years!
Kim and Ryan were in town for the weekend, so we all got together last night for dinner. It was fun to see old friends, and we had no problem picking up right where we left off. I will always remember the fun times we had, but I don't know if it can compare to the fun you have when you add six boys to our foursome!

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JaclynJohnson said...

That's amazing that you all had boys! I have a group of girlfriends and all 5 of us had 5 little girls. It's fun to watch them all together (they range 7 1/2 years to 8 months).