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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pics from the Beach!!

Wes and I visited Duck in the Outer Banks last week with Aunties Noelle, Melissa, and Katie (along with Noelle's family). We had a blast. Wes was a joy to be around. We only had to stop once on the four hour car ride - he slept, played, and talked the rest of the way. Once we got to the beach, he was passed around and loved every minute of it. He played with Noelle's family's three dogs and slept with mama every night. It was a nice vacation. Noelle's family's house is on the sound, and provides the perfect backdrop for pictures...

Being tickled by Noelle...

What a face.

Momentarily distracted by something.

Did I mention it was cold? Look at those red cheeks.

Posing with a proud mama.

Mama kisses are the best.

Noelle captured this one...you know he's saying something important.

We braved the cold to capture Wes' first glance at the Ocean. He was mesmerized.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Field Trip to UNC

It was such a beautiful day yesterday...Neil and I packed Wes up and went for a walk on campus at UNC. We have to do this more often, especially when it gets warmer. Chapel Hill just provides such a beautiful place to walk, and Neil and I can compare our routes around campus. I always tell the same stories (like the one about the first time I saw Vince Carter my freshman year) but there is just something so nostalgic about being on campus. We are very lucky to live so close, and we need to take better advantage of it.

Here are some pictures from an impromptu photo session...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rocker Wes

What happens when you put Neil's skater beanie on a baby and give him a wooden spoon? He becomes a rockstar. Picture the spoon either as a guitar or drumstick for the exersaucer. These pictures capture Wes' personality so well. Happy all the time, and into everything. The beanie is on his head because when Neil came over to see him he HAD to have it.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Wes has officially learned to roll over. Before we had to put a toy behind him and sit there and say, "Come on, come on, you can do it!" And then he'd whine and cry ad little and then finally sloooowy pull himself over. Now he just rolls with it. If you put him on his back, those little feet shoot up in the air and he's on his tummy before you know it. It's so fun, because I feel like he was in the "almost-doing-it" stage for so long and now I'm SO PROUD of him. I can't imagine what it will feel like when he hits his first homerun or gets his first A.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Tummy Time!


Well it's been a few crazy weeks at the Magnuson household. Who can keep up? We've both been kind of puny-sick, each for a couple of days, work has been busy, Neil even pulled an all-nighter writing a paper for Law Review. And of course, Wesley has been keeping us busy. He demands a lot of attention from us from 5pm, when we get home, until 7:30 pm when he's in the bed. The rest of the evening is spent trying to work out, doing homework, cleaning the house, etc. But the fun never ends. Wes is getting more and more fun every day. He laughs at everything, makes friends wherever he goes, and loves to eat, play and dance. We wouldn't trade anything for our crazy life!