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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I see a pattern forming here...

We're busy, we're tired, we're working, we're chasing a one year old around all day.
But I know people enjoy reading about/seeing pictures of Wes, so we'll try to do better.

An update - Wes is communicating so much better. It's like a light went off in his head one day and even though he can't talk, he seems to understand what you're saying to him. He can now ask for more in sign language, which is about the cutest thing you've ever seen the first 1,000 times. I was so proud when he did it the first time - a tangible thing that I'd taught him! It was so rewarding to see that he understands that more doesn't just mean More watermelon, it means, more water, more Thomas the tank, more mommy-making-funny-voices! We're now working on "more, please", thank you, water, and others.
Yesterday Wes took his first steps while he was walking back and forth between Gina and me. If he would just let go, he could walk all over the place, but he's the type that is going to be cautious and wait until he's sure. That's okay...I certainly know where he gets it from!
He is into everything - we've had to get new outlet protectors because he's figured out the cheap ones! He's a smart little booger.
I promise there will be MORE blog postings (just ask Wes how to ask for them in sign language!) Here are a few recent pics:

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