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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am exhausted.

Well, as of the last several days, Wes is into EVERYTHING. I know it will get worse as he can actually move, but Neil and I are just trying to keep up with this recent development. No longer is he content to sit up and play with his stacking cups or Cookie monster book. He wants whatever you have, he wants it now, and he'll scream his disapproval if you don't give it to him. Then he laughs. The whole thing is pretty hilarious - for now.

His crawling right now consists of grabbing onto whatever is in front of him and pushing off with his feet to scoot along the floor. He can actually get along pretty well. He loves standing, as well. He loves to stand up at the ottoman and try to get whatever is on it at the moment.

You'll also see a mouth full of teeth in these. All four front teeth came one after another. He's started drooling pretty steadily again, so I wouldn't be surprised if the next round is on the way.

standing at the ottoman...

banging on the ottoman and "singing"...

on his way to get the camera...

on the move on his new abc mat...he looks like he's been busted.

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