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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Out and About

After spending much of his first week-and-a-half at home, Wesley did a little research on the outstanding male-to-female ratio at UNC and decided that it was time to make a public appearance.

His first stop would be none other than the hub of all activity in southwestern Durham: The SouthPoint Mall. Though his first adventure would be a relatively short one, Wesley nonetheless covered some serious ground, making stops at Panera Bread, Belk, and Nordstrom while cruising around in his Graco SnugRider.

Confident from this first foray, Wesley decided to make his next appearance a few days later at a well-known Chapel Hill watering hole. There, he made the acquaintance of several law school persons, befriended a nice bartender (who gifted him a free appetizer), and received his introduction to microbrewed delights.

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