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Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Cute for Words.

This outfit, that is. I had to take a picture, and miraculously, Wes complied.
Nanny and Day are here for a few days while Daddy takes the bar exam tomorrow and Wed. We can't wait to have him back!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A perfect morning date.

Wes let me sleep until 7:15 this morning (greatly appreciated for a Saturday). We decided to repeat the plan from last Saturday since it was so fun: breakfast at Elmo's, followed by playing at Kidzu. Wes inhaled his home fries at breakfast, helped mommy at the post office, and then we were on our way to Kidzu! Wes had fun playing with all the trucks, puzzles, food in the kitchen, and blocks. When we had played enough, we went to a bench in a shady spot on Franklin Street to eat a snack (Pirates' Booty, of course) and watch the buses and trucks go by. Sometimes the simple things in life are the absolute best.

Our great Franklin Street spot:

What a smile...

Sitting up to get a better view:


Wes loves Booty:

Thirsty, mom!

Let's go see daddy!

The Zoo!

Nanny and Day took Wes to the zoo this week. He had so much fun! He LOVED it. He ran everywhere, of course, and came home with two skinned knees. Neil and I can't wait to take him in the fall! Nanny and Day didn't even make it to the Africa part of the zoo, so we definitely have more to explore.
Nanny took Wes to the gift shop and told him he could pick out any stuffed zoo animal he wanted and guess what he chose - a snake! Such a boy.