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Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank God I'm a Country Boy...

I find myself humming this song when Wes gets in the great outdoors. Despite being an allergic, pale, lanky boy, he LOVES being outside.

Morning, noon, and night, rain or shine, cold or hot weather, if he's awake, he's begging to be outside. So of course, his first trip to the mountains (with the Hardings on Memorial Day Weekend) was very exciting. He slept most of the way there, and when he woke up we were already winding around hills and there were mountains on both sides of us. I explained to him what a mountain was, because he had never seen a real one. He was amazed. He just stared and pointed the whole way.

And when we went on our picnic at Moses Cone on Saturday he was in heaven. He never sat down on the picnic blanket, just ran around in the grass in circles.

We had a blast with the Hardings and their little boy Graham. The boys played together, and Wes loved having a little boy to follow him around. He hugged him so hard that he fell over on several occasions (Wes would say, "Huh-Oh!" and I'd look over and there was Graham, on his back like a little turtle). They played with each other's toys, and Wes loved having a balcony to go outside and blow bubbles on.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A (Way Overdue) Update!

Wes is pretty mad at me. He heard it had been 2 months (!!) since I had updated his blog.

So, a picture blow out is in order. Here's what we've been up to since I last updated:

We went to Super Saturday at UNC and Wes loved playing tball and running around Navy Field:

We went to several Easter Egg Hunts, including the Downing Creek event with Miss Molly Harrell:

He's been catching up on his reading in the rocking chair (this is The Owl and the Pussycat, or "Allie")

He's turned into a big boy almost overnight. I told him to sit and smile - and this is what he did:

He's really into being outside: chasing birds, going to the playground and going down slides (all by himself!):

This picture was the best I could find at describing THE HAIR:

He's still best, best friends with Allie (and Mr. Cow):

And we don't go anywhere without the bus:

Neil graduated from Law School last weekend!!

And Wes FINALLY got his first haircut (no tears were shed by either of us, mainly because he still has some curls):

We have so much fun watching him play and point out every bus, truck, car, letter, number, bird, cat and BOB (construction equipment) in sight. It just keeps getting more fun.