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Sunday, September 2, 2007


Wes had his first trip to UNC's campus yesterday and it was a very BIG day. The Tar Heels were playing their season opener against James Madison that evening, so we decided to head up to campus for the Old Well Walk and Tar Heel Town. It was finally a nice mild day so it was perfect for a football Saturday. We all got in our Carolina gear and dressed Wes up in his Carolina onesie and socks. At the Old Well Walk, a lady that seemed to know a lot of the players asked if we could take his picture with a few players and put it on their posters that she hands out at the Walk. We said sure - we have no problem exploiting our adorable baby! :) So during the Walk, she pulled aside Brooks Foster and Scott Lenahan and had them pose with Wes and me for a picture. It was very exciting! We had lots of people stop us to tell us how adorable he was, and some people were even sneaking pictures of us. I think he might have been the youngest Tar Heel in attendance.
All that excitement tuckered us out, so Grandma, Mom and Wes went home while Dad and Grandad went to the game.
Neil has a video of the Old Well Walk that we'll try to post soon, but for now, here are some pictures of the Carolina family!

Reluctant Friends

In case you can't tell, that's Wes and Allie on the couch together. I titled this post "Reluctant Friends" because Wes isn't yet aware that Allie exists and Allie isn't yet sure how she feels about Wes. But the day this picture was taken Allie jumped right up on the couch beside me while I was feeding him and let him touch her fur with his tiny wandering hand.
Every day she lets him get a little closer and becomes more curious about him. She smells his head, lets him put his feet on her and rub her, and today she gave his foot a good rub with the side of her face, thereby marking him as her territory. I think they'll be best buds before too long.